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TechCapital IT provides easy rental solutions for small-scale business, as well as large corporations. Whether you are hosting a business event, seminars, training sessions or a corporate meeting, we can provide the necessary computer equipment to you at a price you will love!
We offer Apple computer rental services as well to enhance your event, and make it success. We have a huge stock of Apple computers, iPads, MacBooks, iMacs and other Apple Products for rent. We maintain all our Apple computers very well, ensuring that you receive the best product for your event. Our technicians perform a detailed check to make sure all the computer are working well, and they are also tested frequently, to avoid any last minute technical problems.

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Apple & Mac Rental Service

Mac Rentals
Our clients prefer renting Apple computers from us, purely because of the convenience. It does not make sense to buy a huge amount of equipment for a corporate training session or a seminar, if the equipment is not going to be used in the future. We offer a better and cost-efficient solution to this problem – renting an Apple computer. We have a variety of Apple computers with different specifications to meet your needs.
If you need to rent an Apple computer, you can get in touch with us. We will assign one of our customer service agents, who will be available for any interaction regarding your order. We have iMacs as well as MacBooks with fast processors, higher RAM, and laptops with more storage capacity as well.
Based on your needs, you can choose a suitable computer. All our Apple computers are readily available for rent. If you need additional laptops or desktops that work on a different operating system, we also have HP, Dell Lenovo laptops.
Rental Packages for your Budget
We understand businesses very well. We know that when planning events or conferences, maintaining a budget is the most important thing. If you are working on a tight budget, let us help you get great quality Apple computers on rent, for a very low price. Our plans can be customized based on our clients’ needs. Whether you are renting Apple computers for a day or for a month, we can arrange the computers for you without any problems.
We know you do not want to be running around transporting computers and setting them up on the day of your event. So, we included on-location delivery service with our rental packages as well. You can rest assured that your equipment will reach you in the best condition, and on time. Our technicians will also set up the Apple computers, or MacBooks for you, so that you can focus entirely on your event. After your event, we will also take all computers back.
Best Service Offered
We offer excellent service when it comes to Apple computer rentals. We have been providing our services to large corporations, enterprises, businesses and more. We are pleased to say that our clients have loved our service, and return to us the next time they require Apple computers for their events. We serve our client base all over UAE. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can help you with any of your questions, and can also provide advice on your rental equipment.
For more information about our services, contact us at +971 6 881 1330 / and let us help you with your next event.