Quantum Scalar i6000

Designed for enterprise customers needing the highest level of scale, performance and security to meet the most demanding archive and long-term compliance requirements.

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Innovations tackle growing enterprise demands.
The Scalar i6000 tape library is now completely optimized for tiered storage archives where tape plays a vital role. With double the drive density, a simplified user interface, support for RESTful web services, and the only tape library with 80 PLUS® certified power supplies, the new Scalar i6000 is easier to manage, with a smaller data center footprint, and the most efficient power usage available today reducing power and cooling requirements.
NEW Module Designs -
Optimize library configurations for high drive and/or high slot densities, without compromising performance
RESTful Web Services -
Comprehensive API allows customers to save time by automating many administrative tasks
80 Plus Rated -
Industry's first 80 Plus rated power supplies reduce power and cooling costs, improve power efficiency
Capacity-on-Demand Growth -
Simplifies storage growth by scaling quickly, easily and without disruption
Simpler management with faster, more intuitive, richer featured web-based GUI
Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) -
Verifies the integrity of archived data, ensuring that content is available when needed