Quantum Scalar LTFS

Presents tape library as a NAS share, ideal for departmental archive in an open standard format.


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Whether it is sports, marketing, or surveillance videos, engineering or architectural drawings or scanned documents, now is the time to get static, unstructured content off primary storage. Not only will you reduce your primary storage, but you’ll reduce the burden on day-to-day backup operations, while enabling users to access their data directly in native file format.
Scalar® Linear Tape File System (LTFS) presents a tape library as a NAS share, enabling users to leverage familiar file system tools, and even drag and drop files directly to and from a tape cartridge, just like a disk-based NAS share.
Scalar LTFS Tape-NAS Archive Solutions provide:  
  • Easy file access | Users can directly access archived files
  • Lower total storage costs | Free up primary storage, reduce backup demands
  • Simple “drag and drop” archive | Familiar file system views and tools
  • Easy installation | Start using within hours
  • Open standard format | Ensure data accessibility and easier portability