Symantec NetBackup Appliance 5300 Series

Symantec NetBackup 5300 series is an integrated media server with storage protecting both virtual and physical environments. Designed to deliver high performance, scalable capacity and greater reliability to meet the most aggressive backup and recovery objectives in the data center, NetBackup offers both client and target deduplication to reduce network and storage requirements.

Symantec has designed the NetBackup 5300 series appliances to address the aggressive backup and recovery objectives in the data center while protecting both virtual and physical environments. It is an integrated media server with storage to deliver high performance, scalable capacity, and resiliency.

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Key Features
The NetBackup 5300 series appliances are ideal for business-critical data centers that demand a performance-optimized media server with large capacity storage, and greater resiliency for data management needs.
  • Scalable capacity – starting at 114 TB and expandable to 229 TB, it is designed for larger enterprises, data centers, and disaster recovery sites.
  • Robust performance – greater performance compared to the NetBackup 5230:
    • Up to 3 times faster backup
    • Up to 5.8 times faster recovery
      • Up to 4.9 times faster replication
  • Resiliency – enhanced protection of the system, deduplication pool, and storage. Enterprise-class hardware includes redundant hot swap components, RAID and disk controllers, power supplies, fan modules, and disks.
  • Greater density – delivers more terabytes per rack unit, which reduces floor space requirements and lowers power and cooling costs.
Key Benefits
  • Fits into existing NetBackup environments – easily expand or upgrade existing NetBackup environments without disrupting operations.
  • Complements existing NetBackup 5200 series appliances used as master, media, or combination master/media servers.
  • Reduces total cost of ownership – scalable capacity provides investment protection as systems expand to meet dynamic data growth.
  • Improves recovery time objectives – meeting the backup window is a table stake, but recovery makes or breaks careers. With faster client and target deduplication and restores, both the NetBackup 5200 and NetBackup 5300 series enable fast and scalable disaster recovery from any domain or global location.
  • Addresses data center environment challenges – NetBackup 5300 series can reduce the number of third-party point products such as dedupe storage systems and virtual tape libraries (VTLs), saving valuable floor space while reducing power and cooling costs.
  • Provides dynamic storage – usable capacity may be any combination of deduplication pool or Advanced Disk pool (non deduplicated storage).
  • Offers flexible deduplication options – deduplicate at the source or target, inline or post-process.