Double Robotics

Your Double telepresence robot gives you a physical presence at work or school when you can’t be there in-person.


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Detailed Technical Specification of Double Robotics

Charging Dock
The optional Charging Dock enables your Double to be available 24/7, always charged.
Use Double’s downward facing camera to easily drive your Double into the Dock at the end of the day.
Double: The Ultimate Tool For Telecommuting
Double enables a revolutionary new level of interaction with your remote team.

Traditional videoconferencing is arguably the most important tool used by telecommuters in the workplace today. However, remote workers know how difficult it can be to schedule a call or ask someone to set up a laptop for video chat.

Having your own Double in the office means you can be free to roam around anywhere without having to schedule a meeting. Double takes everything you love about video calls on an iPad and puts that on a mobile base that puts the remote worker in control. Your Double is always on, ready to take you anywhere you need to go.

Employers can rest assured that their remote employees never miss out on important conversations around the workplace.