ZCAN Wireless

Increase your productivity and organization with Zcan Wireless.

Zcan Wireless is THE must-have gadget for anyone with an iPad, MacBook, tablet or laptop. Imagine being able to easily back up your receipts, contracts, documents and photos anywhere, anytime. Zcan Wireless is just as simple as painting as all you need to do is swipe back and forth! Plus, you can quickly edit in word or excel straight away.

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ZCAN Wireless

1. What you see is what you scan - Swipe over the document or image then watch text and images appear instantly on the monitor.

2. Scan to Edit - Edit scanned table in Excel is much faster than typing it entirely from original documents.

3. Break the language barrier - Zcan Wireless supports over 199 OCR (Optical Character Recognition) languages. With a Google Translate shortcut, scanned words are then translated into a different language instantly.  And, it even reads you the paragraph!
Be Productive with Zcan Wireless
Zcan Wireless allows you to scan anything and in any size.  Whether a receipt, a cash coupon, a photo, or nutritional information printed in a foreign language! Scanned information becomes searchable, meaning you can get rid of those paper versions and box files with backup copies. Zcan Wireless is the perfect wireless productivity tool designed to reduce your workload and
improve efficiency.
Why scan a picture?
Poor Image Quality
Better Image Quality
Low Resolution
Comes in brighter color
Distortion and Reflections
1.Scan to Excel - It’s easy to scan directly to Excel with Zcan Wireless.

2.Scan to Text - Zcan Wireless is 3X faster than typing.

3.Reading Helper - Zcan Wireless can read you the newspaper, magazines or books.

4.Language - No more barriers now! Zcan Wireless will help you out.

5.Remember Everything - Zcan Wireless connects with Evernote and keep everything in sync.

6.WYSIWYG - What you scan is what you get. Stay focused on what you like.