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Which EIZO ColorEdge display is right for your workflow?

If you need a new display for your colour critical work, EIZO’s ColorEdge range is just the ticket. Take a look at our comparison below to find out which is right for your needs. EIZO’s ColorEdge range provides consistent, predictable and accurate colour which is vital for professionals in areas such as Photography, Design, Print and Post Production. Features common to all displays in the ColorEdge range include 10-bit simultaneous color display, 16 bit LUT, support for hardware calibration, brightness and colour uniformity with DUE technology, and a gamma curve which has been individually adjusted at the EIZO factory. 

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The CG Series is the most advanced in the line-up with the tightest uniformity and colour tolerances. It comes with a 3D LUT for excellent subtle tone, and has the added convenience of a Self-Calibration sensor. This makes it ideal for professionals who require the best in colour accuracy in areas such as Photography, Design and Print. It is also ideal for Post Production and includes several preset modes for common broadcast standards.

The CX Series is the mid-range series ideal for professionals and prosumers in areas such as Design and Photography. It comes with a built-in Self-Correction sensor that maintains white point and brightness values after it has been calibrated by an external sensor. While it lacks the very fine tone of the CG it is still better than most printers, covers most of the Adobe RGB color space, and provides great uniformity. It includes calibration software; a shading hood is available as an additional option.

The CS Series is ideal for entry level users in photography and design. The CS240 model covers 99% Adobe RGB and provides great tonal reproduction, but lacks the fine uniformity and SelfCorrection sensors of the CX. The CS230 has a narrower colour space which covers most of sRGB, but does come with brightness stabilisation and SelfCorrection sensor.